Notes From The Author

A note about Maryland: I often incorporate Maryland into my writings. Although it is not where I was born and raised, it is where I have made my home for the last thirty-odd years, and it is certainly now where my heart is. Maryland has everything one could want, from the mountains and ski resorts of western Maryland to the beaches of the eastern shore. There is farm country, as well as the bright lights of cities like Baltimore and Annapolis. If you want to take a trip, we are close to Atlantic City, Gettysburg, Washington D.C., and many parks and historic sites. There is truly something for everyone.

A note about the Tony Taylor series: Set on Maryland's eastern shore, Grandpa's farm is fictitious, but many of the places my characters visit are real. The 24-hour fishing pier is real - i have fished there. The mall that Tony and his grandfather visit in book #3 is real, and so is the Crisfield Hard Crab Derby and Fair.

A note about other recommended children's books: If your children enjoy the magical world of Tony Taylor, they will also enjoy Rays Violet by Sharon Walrond Harris - I highly recommend it!